It can be used as a restaurant for entertaining a small number of people, weddings and engagement ceremonies. Both seating patterns can be arranged.
    name Department of Food Chikurin
    Capacity Up to 8 people seated
    Area 13 square meters (8 tatami mats) x 2 rooms
    Facility Internet environment

    Other Banquet

    • Event Hall Genjikan

      It can also be used for events such as concerts and receptions.
    • Formal Japanese-style room Matsukaze

      It can be used for entertaining, wedding receptions, and as a stage for Go and Shogi games.
    • Fugetsu-den

      It is used as one of the wedding reception venues.
    • Grand Ballroom TakeKawa

      It is a large banquet hall that can seat up to 70 people, so it is the perfect place for a company's year-end or New Year's party!
    • Conference and Tea Party Ise-no-Ma

      This 36 tatami mat room is perfect for tea ceremonies, first tea ceremony, and business meetings because of the furnace.
    • Medium banquet hall Fuji-no-Ma

      Up to 20 people can be seated. This is the perfect room for year-end and New Year's parties.
    • Private Dining Room Kikuno-ma

      It can be used for entertaining a small number of people and as a dining room.