The villa "Genjikan", which is a remodeled building about 300 years ago, has a traditional and historical space and is a venue that will satisfy guests of all generations.
    Adjacent Japanese gardens can be seen from the thick thick beams and large glass windows.
    In addition to the reception hall, it can also be used for events such as concerts.
    name Event Hall Genjikan
    Capacity Up to 108 seated
    Area 171㎡ (105 tatami mats)
    Facility Projector / Screen / Internet environment

    Other Banquet

    • Formal Japanese-style room Matsukaze

      It can be used for entertaining, wedding receptions, and as a stage for Go and Shogi games.
    • Fugetsu-den

      It is used as one of the wedding reception venues.
    • Grand Ballroom TakeKawa

      It is a large banquet hall that can seat up to 70 people, so it is the perfect place for a company's year-end or New Year's party!
    • Conference and Tea Party Ise-no-Ma

      This 36 tatami mat room is perfect for tea ceremonies, first tea ceremony, and business meetings because of the furnace.
    • Medium banquet hall Fuji-no-Ma

      Up to 20 people can be seated. This is the perfect room for year-end and New Year's parties.
    • Department of Food Chikurin

      It can be used as a restaurant for entertaining a small number of people, weddings and engagement ceremonies.
    • Private Dining Room Kikuno-ma

      It can be used for entertaining a small number of people and as a dining room.