Hot springs are one of Japan's most popular tourist attractions, so we highly recommend that you try this relaxing pastime for yourself.

Hot springs in Japan are often found in the countryside, where the beauty of nature still flourishes. Also, you will occasionally come across outdoor hot-spring baths which overlook the surrounding landscape.
Japan's hot springs are famed not only for their long history but the healthy natural elements contained in the water.

Hot Spring(Onsen)

One of the World's Highest Levels of Calcium

The Tsurumaki hot water, welling up from the depths under the Tanzawa mountain massif, is reknowned to be one of the world's foremost calcium-rich hot springs. Since ancient times it has been known that, through drinking the highly-ionized water, people can gain relief from rheumatic ailments, neuralgic pains, traumatic injuries and gastrointestinal ailments.

Outdoor Bath

Stretch out your arms and legs while feeling a light breeze on your blushing skin. An atmosphere such as this is truly refreshing.

露天風呂・山藤 "Yama-fuji"
露天風呂・山桜 "yama-zakura"

About The Hot Springs

Our fountainhead was the first to obtain authorization as a source of drinking water in Kanagawa Prefecture.
The mild, fresh and soft hot water, containing Calcium and Natrium, is said to have the same chemical effect as that of rinsing your skin with a regular soap.

Spring source Name Tsurumaki-onsen 12nd Hadano
Spring source containing Calcium and Natrium
Spring source temperature 21℃  42℃
pH 7.44

Hours: 8: 00-20: 00
Regular closing day:
Tuesday, Wednesday


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