• Breathe life into the story

    Breathe life into the story

  • Feel the breath of seasons

    Feel the breath of seasons

  • Retreat in the forest

    Retreat in the forest

  • Special days in silence

    Special days in silence

    Presious time at the retreat in the forest

    In the eight acre natural forest and garden With the taste of seasons Special story only for you


    Enjoy seasonal ingredients

    Selected bonito flakes Flesh broth made from see kelps Vegitables grown in the forest Variety of authentic dishes


    World-renowned hot springs in Tsurumaki

    from deep under the ground of Tanzawa mountains Flesh hot springs in Tsurumaki Density of calcium world's foremost hot springs
    Containing rich mineral have efficacy for rheumatism, neuralgic pains, wound and gastrointestinal disease have been known from long time ago             

    Hot spring

    Guest rooms in the forest

    are separated each other 18 guest rooms have different elegance 18 guest rooms have different elegance Full blown cherry blossoms in spring
    Breathtaking fall faliage in autumn Scenic beauty in each season With bonfire at night Pieceful time with elegance

    Guest Rooms

    Jinya Wedding

    Enjoying vast forest only for you Luxury Japanese-style wedding In the soft sunlight and natual breath Starting your new journey

    Jinya Wedding

    A stage of historic games "Matsukaze no Ma"

    As a place where top players of Shogi and Go representing each era vied for the title of king
    Even now, number of championship match is held at Jinya

    Our History

    Journey to feel nature and culture

    Historic ruins and great nature Places where you can enjoy with your loved one
    We will introduce sightseeing spots around Jinya where you can enjoy differently for each season

    Tourist Information