Luxury Villa with private open-air bath

People of the celebrity gather and leave the former emotion that spent time of the thought thought, and the detached room royal suit where I provided furniture of the folkcraft " Kumiko-zaiku" of Hadano for newly can spend it like the villa in the forest.

Guest Room

The another house which a predecessors in the family line proprietress prepared for the hospitality of the visitor of various quarters at the middle of the Showa era.
People of the celebrity gathered and spent time of the thought thought in those days.
Time went by and was rebeared as a detached room royal suit while leaving a former flavor.
The main room is deployment with the furniture which it is the same with a then feature, and took in Bet room, folkcraft " Kumiko-zaiku" of Hadano that I establish a hinoki outdoor bath, the study all-out, and creates in combination various designs with a tree of 100% of source gravity-feed irrigation newly.
You can spend it while enjoying a courtyard enshrined in the center of the encampment.

Plan List

Facility TV, telephone, kettle, tea, hairdryer (only in limited number of rooms or on demand), humidifier (on demand), private air conditioning, toilet with water spray and bidet functions (only in limited number of rooms)
*70% of our rooms are equipped with a LAN internet cable connection. If you would like to stay in a room with a LAN internet cable connection, please let us know at the time of your reservation.
Amenity Bar of soap, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and toothbrush, razor, shower cap, comb, hair brush, towels, bathrobe, slippers

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