Corporate profile

Company name Jinya Co., Ltd.
President Tomio Miyazaki
Address 2-8-24, Tsurumaki-kita, Hadano-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 257-0001
TEL +81-463-77-1300(representation)
FAX +81-463-78-2808
E-MAIL [email protected] 
Business Management of a hotel and restaurant and bridal
Foundation Taisho 7(1918)
Stockholder Tomio Miyazaki 100% of ratio of shareholding
Capital 41,400,000
The economic organization Japan hotel association (old : Japan Tourist Hotel Association), the government registration number 2378 which have joined
Annual sales 440 million yen (term ended August, 2015)

Associated company

Company name Jinya Connect Co., Ltd.
President CEO and Founder Tomio Miyazaki
Address 2-8-24, Tsurumaki-kita, Hadano-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 257-0001
TEL +81-463-77-1303(representation)
FAX +81-463-78-2808
E-MAIL [email protected]
Business activity Cloud application development for a hotel, a hotel, and restaurants
Stockholder Jinya Co., Ltd. shareholding ratio of 100%
Establishment April 1, 2012
Capital 50 million yen
Annual sales 62 million yen (term ended August, 2015)

Privacy Policy

Mid-career recruitment information

Collection occupational description Customer service in general - Meals and beverages service, reception job and reservation desk.
An application handbook and a job We are recruiting good English speakers! Join us to welcome visitors from overseas in Kimonos!
Housewives are also welcome to work with us! You will be in charge of general customer services such as meals and beverages service, reception jobs and reservation management.
We welcome housewives and young people who enjoy customer services in Japanese-style inns.
We provide trainings for Japanese manners and Japanese traditional dinners.
The main requirements for an application [Skill to need]
- Being fluent enough for customer services ( Please provide one of your scores for TOEIC, TOEFL or STEP test/Eiken )
- Being used to PC operations.

[Experience which welcomes]
- Work experience in hotels, Japanese-style inns or Japanese-style restaurants required.
- The person has the capacity of sommelier or Kikizake-shi (who can see the difference of SAKE).
Office hours - 8 hours per day (service time of onset is changed by shift)
- Wednesday is a closure day on Tuesday every week.
- Those with a paid holiday full acquisition system.
Salary Annual income 2,400,000 yen - (new employee class)
Annual income 3 million yen - (chief class)
Annual income 3,600,000 yen - (section chief class)
* Three months with a trial employment period
Application method
and selection process
- An inquiry application is from here.
- You will be interviewed on the phone after selected through the paper screening.
- Only candidates selected through paper screening will be contacted. Please note that in advance.
- Any personal information provided is used only for the screening purposes and handled responsibly.

Hiring-of-new-graduates information

the entrance

Let's work together in the garden which is full of green.
We're waiting for your smile can give delight to guests.

A hiring-of-new-graduates entry is here.

'27 Graduate and March 28 university graduates prospective The starting salary of 210,000 yen
'27 Graduate and March 28 vocational school graduate who The starting salary of 200,000 yen
March '27 graduate and 28-year high school graduation prospective The starting salary of 190,000 yen

Personnel we are looking for:

- Someone who can make a contribute to society, and have a dream of his future.

- A person who can contribute to the society and who can have a dream for future.


Primary selection
- A short report for "What I wish to do as an employee in Jinya Group" , long-term image/plan of yourself.
- Express your motivation having participated in our job fair, for what your future plans are in 3, 10 and 30 years.
Contents: Around 400 characters An autograph and typing freedom
The presentation method: Mailing
I give a primary selection passage person the notice of an interview schedule.
Secondary selection
An interview, and written examination (general common sense) time required about 1 hour
3rd selection
One night, two-day internship
It consults about a schedule at any time.
*After the third stage of selection, we will inform you of the result in about a week after making a careful judgment in a comprehensive manner.


Once hired, we want you to grow together with our company as a future manager/director.
Those who are recruited for this position is expected to become group leaders in the near futures, sales directors and potential general managers.

For application, please fill in the detailed information including your part-time work experiences on a CV form, such as provided at your schools. Contact us by email before sending in your CV.
The collection by TEL is not heard. Please give me connection directly to a person in charge about the inquiry from an educational foundation etc.

* Please ask the collection schedule of next fiscal year.

Recruitment staff
President Tomio Miyazaki
An inquiry application is from here.


Hours: 8: 00-20: 00
Regular closing day:
Tuesday, Wednesday

Regular closing day